Phōs Education Limited

Phōs Education Limited is an education service provider of face-to-face Business English tuition in-house to European Union companies, student and adult tuition in the UK, conducts Summer Schools for students aged 4 to 19, and has Android applications for language students from around the world.

Phōs Education is dedicated to the long-term development of a portfolio of quality education businesses and is looking for further opportunities within the education sector. If you would like to discuss the future of your education business with us, please contact us.

English-4-Business by Phōs Education specialises in Business English training for European Union based companies utilising teachers based locally in the EU. To ensure quality of our teaching services innovative technology is used to support the teachers and to provide on-going communication for management. English-4-Business operates a low cost business model to give it a strong advantage over its larger competitors.
English-4-Business aims to be the preferred supplier for English Language Training within the European Union for international businesses.


Hemel-Tuition by Phōs Education provides English as a second language training to adults and children, and provides after school tuition in primary and secondary school subjects.

Recent Media Limited

Recent Media Limited is a company dedicated to developing online media assets and providing complimentary outsourced communications and marketing services.

Northern Observer
Northern Observer by Recent Media is a business news website providing coverage of business, finance and economic news from the Low Countries in English for international subscribers.